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Nathaniel Miller

2016 - PRESENT

Nathaniel Miller began making movies with his Fisher Price Camcorder, at 8-years-old. His background includes radio/video production + studying communications and psychology at Indiana University before traveling across the country as a hospitality industry training specialist for several years.


After losing a close friend to murder and helping care for his brother who has mental illness, Miller became an advocate for many causes. His desire to make an impact led him to volunteering for a TN non-profit (Unchained Movement), directing events + assisting on multiple video projects.


Living in Nashville for nearly a decade, Nathaniel has been Be Reel’s creative director since 2016. He is currently assisting on the upcoming feature length documentary, Mary Martin: Music Maven.


The REAL Story: 

Be Reel Co. 


Be Reel Co. was inspired by my late-uncle: Joe Leiker, who was more like a big brother. He bought my first guitar + taught me how to play my first song at age: 13.


Uncle Joe was an artist (exceptional at painting clouds and murals) and he also loved to play + listen to music; introducing me to all the good music growing up. He loved all people, adventure, life and things, like the Star Wars films. He led an inspiring life, sharing the creative magic all along the way.

Joe passed away from his second battle with brain cancer in 2016, at the age of 44. Shortly before his death, I was incredibly fortunate to successfully reach out to director, JJ Abrams’ team. They brought the first film of Star Wars’ latest installment to Joe’s home in Kansas for a private screening... just weeks before his death.

His final physical piece of art was a colored-pencil drawing of --- and now in the hands --- of Abrams; an illustration of  Joe's gratitude for the personal Star Wars film experience. 

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During Joe’s final months, he continued to be a shining light to his family by encouraging loved ones to cry or laugh when they needed to + to simply “be real”.


With Uncle Joe being my biggest creative mentor, naming my multimedia production company in honor of him was a no-brainer. While he lives on in many ways, Joe continues to inspire everyday.


Many thanks,






Mikayla Lewis

Be Reel Co. 

Nashville, TN

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Uncle Joe + Uncle Nick

Uncle Joe + Uncle Nick